The Millionaire Mindset – 6 Traits

So you want to be a millionaire? When you think of the word “millionaire” what is the first thing that comes to mind? A McMansion? A Fancy car? Extravagant clothes? You may be surprised to know that most “millionaires” are pretty average, they drive average cars, and live in average homes according to Dave Ramsey […]

2019 Stock Picks In Review

Wow, 2019 started with a whimper and appears to be ending with a bang! There was doom and gloom in the air, with the threat of recession looming in December 2018. Federal Rate inversions were happening, high yield savings accounts were approaching 2.5%. The sky was falling. Fast forward to December 2019 and the champagne […]

Be Above Average – Steps to Increase your Net Worth

What is the best way to check your financial health? Your credit score? Blah! No, that’s just the banks way of grading on how well you handle your debt addiction. You can have a credit score of 850, paying your bill every month on time, collecting those HUGE cash back allowances… and be broke with […]

Free Financial Printables To Get You On Track!

We are kicking off a new page here at The Debt Rebellion aimed at helping you become more money savey! If you found this site you are no stranger to hearing and seeing financial gurus spout on about how to manage, how to track, or how to give your “money a purpose”, with not a […]

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